Pleasant Computer Repair -- Terms and Conditions

·         Pleasant Computer Repair reserves the right to reject service to anyone at any time depending on the circumstances. You are required to let our technicians know of any existing damage. If you fail to do so Pleasant Computer Repair and our technicians will not be responsible for any further damage caused by not being aware of the existing damage.

·         On all computer repairs, upgrades and troubleshooting, we only warranty the “service” that was performed for a period of one month which does not include any software issues created and/or caused by the “end user” such as virus, spyware, tampering with the settings etc.

·         We absolutely do not cover any misuse, tampering, abuse, fire, theft, accidental damage, surges, spikes or brownouts. This applies to all our services.

·         Pleasant Computer Repair will make every reasonable effort to protect your data. However, it is possible that data can be lost due to factors beyond our control. You, the customer, are responsible for backing up your data. We may back up your data for you at your request, if your system has the necessary components to do so onsite or by other means at our headquarters. Pleasant Computer Repair will not be held responsible in any way for lost data or any loss of revenue or income resulting from such loss. The customer understands that ALL DATA WILL BE LOST if we have to format your hard drive and it is not backed up, including any applications that are not included with your version of Windows that you do not have legal CD’s for. You also understand that during the course of service, data (personal files) can become corrupt or unusable; in such case you will not hold Pleasant Computer Repair responsible.

·         Pleasant Computer Repair will only offer a limited liability in case of unforeseen circumstances beyond our control. If your computer problem reoccurs subsequent to a service call, or another problem occurs, this will be considered a separate issue, and if a service call is requested, you will be charged our regular rate. Hardware warranty is via original manufacturer only, unless otherwise specified in the contract.

·         Data backup, ghosting, drive imaging, drive copying and data transfer depends on the condition of your disk and data integrity. Charges apply.

·         You will void your warranty if you or any other unauthorized person adds or removes any device from the network, removes our cables, changes any settings in the network or moves any data jacks that we install. Refer to your service contract and/or invoice for warranty information.

·         Pleasant Computer Repair technicians are not responsible for tutoring. We do not support any kind of games, illegal downloading software, CD burning, DVD burning etc.

·         Pleasant Computer Repair will not do any work without your consent. If our technicians find anything else wrong with your system besides what you mentioned, you will be notified with an estimate. If you agree, the additional work will be done and you can pay the balance upon pickup. If you disagree, you will be charged a $50 diagnostic fee.

Payment is due upon pickup/delivery of your computer. Cash, check, PayPal, or credit cards are accepted. PayPal and credit card payments must clear/be completed before delivery.

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